BABESESH presesnts: One Ugly Sweater Party

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I am SO PUMPED about this party! Cj ( asked me and my girl Molly ( if we wanted to promote this month’s party at The Republic! This is my first time ever promoting a party. So I am really looking forward to getting a good crowd of babes together and partying with me.

This will be an Ugly Sweater party (so festive for the holidays right?) and it is right around the corner from christmas so I’m sure lots of people will be in town to see family. So why not sneak out from all the family shit and come rage two nights before christmas?!

There will be music provided by your favorites CJ and Bruni

There will be raging

There will be booze





– Cristina


Milk+Syrup Pop Hop!!!

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Ugly Sweater Party


Free Drinks

We’re playing Christmas music, so f*ck everybody!

Nike x Sole Classics Lebron 9 Release Event

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Warby Parker Shop in Shop Launch at {milkbar}

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Warby Parker is a eyewear brand created by 4 people with the purpose to have high quality glasses at a reasonable price. All glasses are $95. At Warby Parker, they create vintage inspired shaped glasses at a low price because they believe everyone should be able to afford great quality glasses.

Last week, {milkbar} hosted a party to promote and sell a variety of styled glasses from Warby Parker. Customers got to try on and buy these amazing glasses and listen to tunes provided by Dj Patrick. And thanks to OYO for the refreshing drinks! Very great party!

Here are some photo’s incase you missed out. Thanks JD for the awesome photo’s!

Shop Warby Parker


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Halloween Tutorial’s

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Halloween is coming right up the corner and honestly I can say I am NEVER prepared. What will I be? What’s quick, easy to make, and I still look fun. I’ve been watching Pixiewoo’s youtube channel for quiet awhile and they do great tutorials from perfect eyebrows to the fiercest smokey eye.

This year the sisters are taking it up a notch by doing Halloween make up tutorials! Yessss! All my problems are solved. Here is one that I just thought was so amazing. I will post some more! Hope this helps some of you ladies that are going thru the same halloween problem too!


Halloween Corpse Bride Tutorial


Black Swan Tutorial


Drag Queen Tutorial


Cat Woman Tutorial


Happy Halloween Ladies!


An American Juggalo with a side of Faygo please

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For some reason I have always been fascinated by the Juggalo lifestyle. I feel like they are another breed. They have their own lingo, they love face paint and music about violence. I came across this video which is a mini documentary about a once a year Gathering where all Juggalo’s from across the United States get together. Basically my jaw was dropped throughout this whole doc. This documentary was to let people outside the group to understand what they are all about. I still have the same opinion about it. But, you be the judge.

– Cristina

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Qream with a Q

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Well looks like not only is Pharrell a multi talented artist and designer, but he has now provided a liquor “Qream with a Q” dedicated to ladies to especially enjoy. This liquor can be served in a cocktail, on the rocks, or even baked into your favorite cupcakes or cakes. Comes in two delicious flavors: strawberry and peach.

Just the bottle in general looks so elegant and makes me want to sip on one of these over a girls night out wearing my favorite little black dress.

“Inspired by royalty, I created this silky drink to celebrate beautiful, independent and sophisticated women of today.  It is truly an elegant experience for the modern day queen and her court of friends.” – Pharrell Williams


Cheers ladies!

– Cristina


Catch a wave.

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“how much can you handle?

$30 ALL YOU CAN HANDLE from 9pm -12am. Then we keep going untill close!

music by: DJ E-V
Cornelius Jackson.
& DJ Iyeball of Fly Union

$30 deal consists of select brands and drinks.
two hands. two per order.

a portion of the proceeds goes to Don’t Break The Bond a 501(c)3 non profit.

there is no buckeye game on the 22nd. here is your reason to step out early and dabble in the streets.

Double Happiness is located in the Brewery District on S. Front St. the venue is one of columbus’ best kept secrets.”

Catch a wave.

Thurzday x Exile @ OKP x Stones Throw show! @ A3C 2011

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Here is some footage of my brother Thurz rocking with Exile in Atlanta, GA at the 2011 A3C Festival. Stones Throw and put together a nice showcase featuing: Nikkiya, MED, Thurzday, Exile, GLC, Fashawn, and others. Peep Thurz as he performs “Los Angeles“, and then catches more wreck when Exile jumps on the MPC.


Blind Barber’s newest member.

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” Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Rob, the newest addition to Blind Barber’s Barber Team”

This is my boy Rob, an awesome dude who just wants to give great haircuts.

Recently Rob got the opportunity to join the team over at Blind Barber.

Glad to know I have somewhere to get my haircut in NYC.

Congrats Son.


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