LxE For The Uncool – The Bleeding [demo] feat. Stephen King

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LxE has been in the process of creating a project (The Sun Sets Tomorrow…Regardless) that he self proclaims will be a “hip hop classic”. During his unique and creative writing process, he has many verses that he explains are “not fitting”. Here are the first bars that didn’t make the cut, but definitely can cause bleeding.

produced by The #CCC

Power to Keyel!


LxE For the The Uncool’s The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street EP x OG Champion Hoodie (Raekwon Tribute) Feat. Nemo Achida [video]

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Ohio native, LxE For The Uncool released a very under the radar cassette style EP last Halloween titled The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street. This title comes from LxE’s obsession with Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone. This year, he decides to re-release the project with a new track (Dragon Sea)The emcee also provides a visual for the opening track (OG Champion Hoodie (Raekwon Tribute)) which was directed by Walter Nini“Growing up, The Chef has always inspired me to think outside of the box when it came to rhyme schemes”.

LxE is currently finishing up a project & documentary entitled The Sun Sets Tomorrow…Regardless. This is believed to be released sometime this winter.

 The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street [Re-Release] EP 



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   Blind i For The Kids will be hosting their 2nd annual, and official CMJ showcase (ONYX) featuring The Stuyvesants (Brooklyn), Sulaiman (Chicago)Tennille (Bronx)LxE For The Uncool (Columbus, Ohio)Raj Mahal (Detroit/Chicago)Carlitta Durand (North Carolina), and TiRon & Ayomari (Los Angeles)! A very soulful, dope-filled roster of talent to make the night of Wednesday, October 19th at Southpaw in Brooklyn a night to remember! Pre sale tickets are available at or if you just scan the QR code on the flyer. CMJ badge holders will be granted free access to the festivities, we’ll have cool stuff going on throughout the venue, photo booths, impressive demeanors, the whole nine! Hope to see you out there….

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CMJ 2011 x Blind i For The Kids present ONYX 2.0 • 10.19.11 • Brooklyn, NY

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CMJ 2011 x Blind i For The Kids present ONYX 2.0 • 10.19.11 • Brooklyn, NY


LxE For The Uncool | “BORDƏƋUX VIIs” [video]

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LxE For The Uncool provides a visual for “BORDƏƋUX VIIs“, which will be featured on his upcoming documentary & soundtrack titled “THƏ MƋLƆOLM LITTLƏ APPƋRƋTUS“.

LxE For The Uncool – BORDƏƋUX VIIs

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Columbus, Ohio emcee LxE For The Uncool lets us know it’s “GO TIME” by offering us “BORDƏƋUX VIIs“, a joint off his upcoming documentary+soundtrack “THƏ MƋLƆOLM LITTLƏ APPƋRƋTUS“.


LxE For The Uncool “FLOWƏRS”

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Brand new visual for the track FLOWƏRS from LxE… also be on the look out for the documentary THƏ MƋLƆOLM LITTLƏ APPƋRƋTUS coming real soon!


Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot

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This gave me goose bumps. Sheesh. LxE For The Uncool – Shoot (Live) #Latepass


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The Format visual

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The Format

LxE For The Uncool


Stalley Show at Skullys

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@FABRASHAYAPLUS spit a dope freestyle to start his set off…

Then @LxEfortheuncool came on and gave a ferocious performance…

He had to #Shoot everybody in the crowd

@Stalley came on and closed the show out and he definitely showed Columbus some Love

@rashadmusic came out and rocked “Slapp” with Stalley