BBC Sound of 2012 Interview – Frank Ocean

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Frank Ocean is The BBC Sound of 2012 runner-up. The list was selected by more than 180 leading critics, bloggers and broadcasters. The BBC decided to interview Frank about some things that have helped create the talent he is today. Frank also shares his inspirations, performing, nostalgia, ULTRA, working with Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, his upcoming album, and more. You can see the full BBC “Sound of 2012” list here.



Artist: Sagaki Keita

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Sagaki Keita has probably become one of my favorite artist ever! The Japanese artist creates pen drawings of classic art, but uses hundreds, sometimes thousands of detailed illustrations to mold the main piece. I think it is completely genius to use cartoonish characters to create more serious classical pieces. It might be the most unequalled idea that any artist has come up with, in my opinion. You can visit his site here to look at more works.



Blu & Exile – give me my flowers while i can smell them [LP]

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 The homie Blu releases an LP that he and Exile recorded in 2009! (give me my flowers while i can smell them). Something that I personally know is that Blu & Exile have tons more of unreleased material in a vault somewhere. If I knew where that vault was…it might be a burglary.





LxE For The Uncool – The Bleeding [demo] feat. Stephen King

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LxE has been in the process of creating a project (The Sun Sets Tomorrow…Regardless) that he self proclaims will be a “hip hop classic”. During his unique and creative writing process, he has many verses that he explains are “not fitting”. Here are the first bars that didn’t make the cut, but definitely can cause bleeding.

produced by The #CCC

Power to Keyel!

Blu – The Clean Hand (prod. Pete Rock)

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Brother Blu drops a new joint produced by the legendary Pete Rock. I have always been a fan of how Blu utilizes drops in the beat, when he kills. iLL.

download: Blu – The Clean Hand


Blu – DOINNOTHIN’ feat. U God (produced by Flying Lotus) [video]

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Homie Blu gives the world a visual for DOINNOTHIN’, a cut from his latest LP N O Y O R K. The video was  directed and edited by David M. Helman. Some think Blu’s title is taking a shot at the East Coast, but the wise understand that he is simply expressing he is from the West Coast! …not to mention, U GOD from the WU is featured on this jam.


P Blackk’s “BLACKK FRIDAY” original artwork cover

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This Black Friday…do your little retail shopping…and then…grab something real.


LxE For the The Uncool’s The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street EP x OG Champion Hoodie (Raekwon Tribute) Feat. Nemo Achida [video]

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Ohio native, LxE For The Uncool released a very under the radar cassette style EP last Halloween titled The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street. This title comes from LxE’s obsession with Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone. This year, he decides to re-release the project with a new track (Dragon Sea)The emcee also provides a visual for the opening track (OG Champion Hoodie (Raekwon Tribute)) which was directed by Walter Nini“Growing up, The Chef has always inspired me to think outside of the box when it came to rhyme schemes”.

LxE is currently finishing up a project & documentary entitled The Sun Sets Tomorrow…Regardless. This is believed to be released sometime this winter.

 The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street [Re-Release] EP 


We loved your style!!!

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It was such a tough call when it came to picking the best dressed at our event. But after lots of thinking we decided that the best dressed of the night was Molly Haring and Stephen Watkins!


Molly, we absolutely loved this outfit you wore! Perfect for any kind of girls night out. It was simple, sexy, and a mix of 60’s inspiration with the hair and vintage suit jacket. Really creative with all the different textures you used to make this outfit so complete! And those flowy shorts (amazing). To top it off you rocked the red lips which not many girls do these days. Great choice!


Uncle Steph, we really enjoyed what you wore to the event. Not many people can pull off so much denim in one outfit like you did and do it right! We loved that you even wore a pink button up under all that denim and such a fun patterned tie! Pulling it off with a pair of nikes and a comfortable vest. Not really sure what category of style to label you in because you were so creative with this outfit that you really made this your own category! Best part is you probably didn’t even try! Go Uncle Steph!


Congrats Molly and Stephen! And feel free to run by {milk bar} to get your $25 gift certificates! Keep on styling!

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Solo Shots at {milk bar}

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Here are some of our favorite outfits from the {milk bar} x Milk+Syrup party last friday!

Everyone look so great and I loved all the diverse style that was at the party. That’s why it was such a tough call for us to figure out who would win! Make sure you check back with us tomorrow afternoon for the top two best dressed!

– Cristina